Sunday, March 20, 2011

3 new Girls on the block, and you can name and win 2 of them!

I am excited to announce that we have some new additions to our popular Vintage Sewing Pattern Model brooches. Meet Gwen, she's named after a very special lady. But the other two girls are still waiting for names... That's where you come in! Simply leave a comment here or on facebook suggesting a name for lady 1 and/ or 2 and if your name is chosen you'll get your very own to wear on your winter jacket. Read on...

This is our first nameless gal, she's from a 1960's Butterick pattern and she looks like she's got mischief on her mind!

This is our lovely lady number 2 from an early 50s Australian Ladies Home Journal. Check out that frock!

I can't wait to hear all your lovely suggestions. xx


  1. Lady no.1 looks like a Marcie, and no.2 looks like a Phyllis!

  2. I think No. 1 is a Belle and No. 2 Marcia

  3. They totally look lie my Grandmas, so I would name them Joan and Irene...good old-school lady names!

  4. Scarlett for number 1 and Betty-Sue for number 2 :D x
    From Jess at Good Boy Cracky!

  5. I think No.1 vintage hottie would suit the name Sherry
    No. 2 vintage lady definately looks like a Harriet Mary
    Love Krystle at denver mackenzie xo

  6. I like Bonnie for the 1960s pink outfit, and Gladys for the early 50s dress.
    Love your pretty brooches.

  7. I think they should be Phyllis & Daphne!
    So fab!

  8. I'd choose Abigail for the pink lady and Lucie for the turquiose lady.
    They're all absolutely fabulous!!!
    I love them!
    New follower!

  9. Lady #1 is a Gigi - short for Georgina which she decided wasn't cool enough for her anymore. I mean look at that pink dress! Lady #2 feels more traditional, like a Yvonne. These are fabulous!

  10. I love everyones suggestions, but want to throw in a few more. Tillie for girl no 1 and gloria or wanda for girl no. 2

  11. I think that Peggy and Chelsea would suit these lovely ladies!

  12. for lovely lady number 1 Lucinda would suit her wonderfully and for gorgeous gal number 2 Ruth would be simply divine

  13. love your brooches - I'd suggest Hazel for your pink lady & Madge for the turquoise

  14. Betty and June, definitely!

    Love them by the way..

  15. Lady No. 1 is an Elaine. And lady number 2 is Dottie (short for Dorothy).

  16. Oooh I like Vivian for the pink
    lady ...a racey kind of name
    and she looks like an out there gal.
    The second one is a definite
    Glinda, a sophisticated
    60's girl. Named after Glinda in "Wicked"
    who is such a great, ditzy funny character
    and looks alot like her!