Sunday, August 21, 2011

Reality and Fantasy

Kate Leigh 1930

Matilda (Tilly) Devine 1925

Back in the day (seems like a lifetime ago) one of my majors at uni was Modern History. And all "Arts Degree" jokes aside, you did get to study some pretty cool characters including these ladies (term used most generously) above. Of course you would need no introduction to this pair thanks to the widely publicised new "Underbelly" series. Now I am no purist or stickler when it comes to sticking to historical accuracy. However I thought I would share these pics of the real Kate and Tilly from around the time of setting of the series (1927) out of interest. Kate was decidedly portly and middle aged and Tilly was no oil painting... A bit different from those svelte actresses? Maybe, but I think good entertainment/ fantasy has it's own merit. So bring on those pretty young things and on with the show! I like to think Kate and Tilly would be quietly pleased, I mean I'd love to have a younger better looking actress play me (or even pretend to be me at my next high school reunion... now there's a thought).

Monday, August 1, 2011

How sad.......

Now I don't normally say or do anything when my stuff is copied but this really got to me. I feel sad for this person more than anything else. I freely admit that I do not own the original image but these brooches are an exact copy of mine right down to the size and this person is a local so the feeling that I have been "stalked" is not a nice one.