Monday, August 1, 2011

How sad.......

Now I don't normally say or do anything when my stuff is copied but this really got to me. I feel sad for this person more than anything else. I freely admit that I do not own the original image but these brooches are an exact copy of mine right down to the size and this person is a local so the feeling that I have been "stalked" is not a nice one.


  1. Hey. I saw your stuff at LIS. There was a lot of unoriginal work there and stuff that honestly, was in clear breach of copyright laws. Seriously, people just dont care anymore. I also noticed a lot of people not being very open about their country of origin as well.

    How long have you been around for? I have seen these brooches and other similar ones to what you do around the traps... sometimes it's hard to know who copied who!

  2. Hi Bryt

    It's true there is nothing 100% new under the sun and we are all influenced by what we see but this person is known for direct copying of many makers as they seem not to be able to have an idea of their own. I'm proud to say we were first to do these and first to do the vintage pattern model brooches as I've always loved the images. At the end of the day you can't really stop someone copying (married to an intellectual property lawyer I can attest to this) you just have to move on :-)

  3. Hi Red (sorry I dont know your name!)
    You are right... you just have to move on and do new things... the people who rip other people off will always be chasing you!




  4. yuk... I had a look at their website and it is terribly depressing. Possibly the worst excuse for a webstore I have ever seen. I really dont think you have anything to worry about!

  5. Ok sorry but this PISSES ME OFF! I was just on a friends facebook for there market stall and there moving up to Brisbane with it and since there not going to the local markets they have bought products here from local sellers and created exact copies to sell in Brisbane and I think this is so wrong. If you haven't got a BRAIN don't STEAL others COOL ideas!! It's just not cricket!